India’s first State of
Internal Communications Study

Crimson State of Internal Communication Study identifies emerging trends, new technologies, effective tools and critical challenges of IC function specifically in the context of the Indian market.

Internal Communication

To create truly effective teams, each member of the team must be aligned with the organisation’s vision, goals and objectives. This unified communication goal becomes more challenging as organisations grow in size and complexity or spread across locations countries or timelines.


Crimson has a range of measurement tools to evaluate the state of internal communications in an organisation. We define challenges and assess overall strategy and progress of communication plans.

Strategy & Planning

Empower your employees to deliver your business strategy by establishing a strategic internal communication framework, aligned with the organisation’s business goals and skills to facilitate meaningful conversations.

Content & Execution

Crimson has a dedicated pool of creative writers, visualisers, designers, photographers and digital experts who generate on-demand, high-quality content for our clients.We are fully equipped to execute all internal communication programme

Tech Deployment

Inform and engage your employees by deploying the latest social & mobile collaboration tools and other cutting-edge communication technologies.Our clients always appreciates our work.


Crimson has developed a unique model to assess internal communication training gaps and identify critical skills required for an internal communication programme to be successful in an organisation. We have database of experienced IC professionals.

Branding & Creatives

Crimson provides strategic brand advisory services to its clients - from name to concept to the brand story. Corporate Identity is the visual personification of your brand. It tells a story of who you are and what you stand for. Some critical elements of corporate identity are a logo, colours, fonts, letterheads, visiting cards, and the tone of your communication. Creation of a brand identity requires an understanding of the brand’s mojo, its products and the competition landscape. The consistency of corporate identity across various mediums creates a unified image of the brand and organisation. Crimson has worked closely with many organisations and start-ups to develop or transform their corporate identity.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective tool to engage with your current and potential customers. With Content development as its key strength, Crimson strives to be the one-stop partner in the fast-growing digital landscape - from Social media to display advertising.

Content Marketing

With the advent of the digital world, content marketing has emerged as the most cost-effective tool to promote an organisation, its products and brands.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are some of the established social media channels. But this fast-changing landscape has countless options which have enormous potential for brands and organisations.

Email Marketing

In the digital landscape, email marketing continues to be the most cost-effective tool to engage with your target audience regularly. Crimson specialises in managing the entire email marketing programme.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your web content for Google and Bing and other search engines is critical to get the right traffic to your website. Crimson identifies and benchmarks keywords.

Search & Display Advertising

Google and other search engines have become the primary mode for millions of people to look for a service. This location and keyword search data trail present a opportunity for marketers.